El Toro Gold Tequila

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  • Scarry tequila

    Dec 28, 2000 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Can't think of one
    Cons: It will be a night you will not forget

    Summary: El Toro, the bull a very manly name which I guess wanted to instill in the consumer pride and I guess tradition, but what it gives me is fear, a very cheap tequila that will definitely give you a bad hangover on the next day. The taste is very much of ... read more

  • Typical "gringo" tequila

    Sep 4, 2000 by
    Rated a Helpful Review
    Pros: great paint remover
    Cons: hazardous to your health

    Summary: Ask 1000 people in Mexico about El Toro. Get ZERO response. This gives you an idea of the scenario. Toro is one of many tequilas made with "marranilla", the lowest quality bulk tequila found. Please, forget about the idea that ... read more

  • Express Customer Reviews

  • Wonderful Tequila, Consistent Flavor

    Nov 27, 2010 by
    Not rated yet
    Pros: Wonderful aroma and taste. Great for mixing. Great value.
    Cons: Won't appeal to snobs who have to spend $50+ for overhyped tequilas.

    Summary: A very pleasing aroma and taste for such a low priced tequila. Mixes great with any lime flavored beverage.If the other reviewer has the time to ask 1000 people in Mexico a question...he needs to find himself a job, like ... read more

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