Go, Diego, Go! Safari Rescue  (Nintendo DS, 2007) Reviews
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Go, Diego, Go! Safari Rescue (Nintendo DS, 2007)

27 ratings (2 Epinions reviews)
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  • Great game for preschoolers!

    Mar 16, 2009 by
    Rated a Helpful Review
    Pros: Educational, Easy to play, Good graphics, Clear sound
    Cons: Not made for older children - specifically for the young ones!

    Summary: My son got a Nintendo DS for his birthday this year and I was worried he'd be too young to play most of the games for it. I was excited to see this Diego game because he loves the Nintendo Wii Diego games. This was the game he chose to try out ... read more

  • Fun One Time Game for Preschool Fans of Go, Diego, Go

    May 15, 2008 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Fun the first time through, good graphics, easy to play for young kids
    Cons: Lacks game depth, young kids likely to be bored with after first play through

    Summary: This is a fun easy to play Nintendo DS game for preschoolers, especially if they are into animals and/or the Go, Diego, Go! Nick Jr. show. The game is kind of limited in game play depth, but as a game for young kids it is nice that it is limited and ... read more

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SynopsisAll the African animals have been mixed up. The zebras have no stripes. The giraffes have short necks. And the elephants have even been turned...
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Store Rating: 4.0

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SynopsisDiego comes to the Nintendo DS for the first time in this awesome adventure. In Safari Rescue, a mean magician has mixed up all the animals, r...
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Store Rating: 4.0
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Join Diego, Alicia and Baby Jaguar as they help their friends Erin the Elephant and Juma the Animal Rescuer save the Serengeti.
Store Rating: 4.0
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