Grand Macnish Blended Scotch Whisky

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  • First Scotch I've Tried fully

    Jan 26, 2006 by

    Pros: Inexpensive, has a lot of style for the price, not offensive to my tastes.
    Cons: It is an inexpensive blended, so snobs won't probably think well of it.

    Summary: I'm not a well versed drinker or a snob by any stretch. This being my second scotch, the first being a shot of Inver House Very Rare. Having tried some bourbons and ryes, and a brandy here and there, I was surprised at how dissimilar this scotch was from ... read more

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  • Almost as good as Clan MacGregor

    Jan 19, 2010 by
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    Pros: Tastes better than Johnnie Walker Black Label, comes in a GLASS bottle, not plastic.
    Cons: Not as smooth as Black Velvet or Chivas Regal.

    Summary: At the first shot, I thought it was gasoline. But after sipping on the third shot I started to appreciate the subtle corn mash and very soft oak flavors. Very nice compared to Johnnie Walker Black Label which costs $43 and tastes like wood, ... read more

  • Value and taste

    Mar 29, 2007 by
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    Pros: This is an inexpensive and smooth tasting scotch.
    Cons: Many people equate the price of a bottle of scotch to it's taste.

    Summary: I normally drink Johnnie Walker Red, but a few years ago, a friend invited me to taste the Grand Macnish Scotch. Much to my surprise, it was a smooth pleasant tasting scotch. It is now my bar scotch, although I still keep a stock of other blends to ... read more

  • Great Value in Whisky

    Jun 20, 2006 by
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    Pros: Great price, Good flavor
    Cons: None

    Summary: I was at the market looking to try something new in Whisky when I saw this bottle of Grand Macnish. I was surprised to see an imported Whisky for under $9, and I have to say I didn't expect much. When I took it home and gave it a taste I was again ... read more

  • Grand Macnish Scotch Whiskey

    Nov 22, 2005 by
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    Pros: A smooth blended scotch whiskey at a price less than 1/2 the name brands.
    Cons: Gran Macnish is not well known and as a cheaper brand is probably overlooked.

    Summary: I have been drinking this Scotch Whiskey for more than 5 years now. Until then, Dewars was my favorite "bar" whiskey. I first tasted Macnish at an open bar party. I decided to try the bar scotch and was amazed to find how much like Dewars the Macnish ... read more

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