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    Highest Rated Consumer Review by the Community

  • Vantage Deluxe World Travel - Poor Value

    Oct 18, 2010 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: The sailboat was beautiful. The itinerary was mostly good.
    Cons: Disorganized Program Managers.   Did not meet my expectations for the expensive Deluxe Presidents Tour.

    Summary: We went on the Vantage President's Cruise Tour - Italy & Treasures of the Adriatic. It included 10 days on the Royal Clipper ( a four mast, 200 passenger sailboat ), 1 night in Venice and 3 nights in Stresa. Note that Vantage chartered the entire ... read more

  • We love Vantage!!!!

    Sep 26, 2011 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Everything!!
    Cons: Nothing!!

    Summary: We are getting ready to take our third riverboat cruise with Vantage in December.  Need I say more?  We have always been so impressed with Vantage and the way that they take care of you.  Their service is ALWAYS first rate, the boats ... read more

  • Go to Egypt NOW!

    Apr 4, 2011 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Efficient, professional service.  English speaking guides & assistants.  Competent drivers. Easy planning.
    Cons: Can't pay by credit card

    Summary: We couldn't find a tour operator in the US, Canada, or England going to Egypt post revolution in March 2011, so I found Vantage Travel, which is based in Egypt.  WHAT A GREAT FIND!  We emailed a list of what we'd like to do (our dream ... read more

  • Vantage Travel - Outstanding Service, Price in Post Revolution Egypt

    Mar 27, 2011 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Wonderful tour program.
    Almost all accomodations were excellent.
    Airline changes, transfers went well.
    Cons: The Nile cruise ship, Crown Jewel, was somewhat shabby.   

    Summary: Late last year I signed up for a 14 day tour of Egypt, covering all the important historical sites, a Nile cruise, Lake Nasser cruise, 4 star hotels and ships.January 2011, comes the Revolution, with street fighting, demonstrations, riots, a ... read more

  • Vantage Travel

    Dec 9, 2010 by
    Rated a Helpful Review
    Pros: Price ie value for what you get is outstanding. They really look out for you.
    Cons: Maybe a little more emphasis on how physically demanding these trips can be.  

    Summary: Simply the best . The " bang for the buck cannot be beat" We have completed 4 tours with them ( China/ Egypt/India/South America) and we'll be going back for more. The hotels, food, and especially the tour directors are outstanding. Especially ... read more

  • Vantage Customer Service

    Aug 11, 2010 by
    Rated a Helpful Review
    Pros: None
    Cons: Every thing

    Summary: This company follows a certain pattern. Once you have booked your trip, you're on your own. Try to make any changes or ask for even the slightest accommodation, and the response will be "sorry, can't do, that's not our policy". And that is if you are ... read more

  • Vantage Office a Nightmare

    Jul 22, 2009 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: They seem to be the cheapest way to book the very expensive trip to Antarctica.
    Cons: Incompetent office staff who provide incorrect info or just don't call back at all.

    Summary: A few months ago I traveled to Antarctica with Vantage.  The trip itself was wonderful but this was mainly the result of the ship's management and crew.  Huitigruten, the ship operator, ran a first class operation.  The boat was new, ... read more

  • On the Trail of Lewis & Clark -- Vantage River Boat Trip

    May 19, 2009 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: *  Covered lots of ground
    *  Interesting Itinerary
    *  Vantage did a good job of arrangements
    Cons: *  On board ship entertainment was basic
    *  A few stops were tourist-y

    Summary:      Thanks to the thoughtfulness of the Vantage team, the first day of our trip to the Pacific Northwest ended on a positive note.  Due to weather problems, our flights were cancelled.  We finally got to Seattle nine hours ... read more

  • Vantage River Cruise Holland Belgium

    Apr 28, 2009 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Beautiful sights!
    Cons: Long flight!

    Summary: We just got back from our Vantage river cruise, through Holland and Belgium. We were on the boat ten nights aboard the River Explorer. I read a lot of reviews before making my decision so I felt like I owed it to come back and provide my two ... read more

  • Jewels of India:Touring with Vantage Travel

    Apr 28, 2009 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: The excellent guides, Vantage's organization of the trip, excellent itinerary, experienced interesting travellers,

    Cons: bus ride from the train to Khajuraho  we should have flown from Delhi to Khajuraho

    Summary: Why India? I'd never been there. The Vantage travel itinerary looked great, better than other trips that I reviewed. Vantage made it so easy to book the trip. They answered all my questions, as many times as I called, they took time to clarify, ... read more

  • Vantage Travel - A Great Value for European River Tours

    Apr 21, 2009 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Service was impeccable The itinerary was first rate On board accommodations were terrific
    Cons: Air service from LA was not included but was a reasonable added charge

    Summary: Vantage’s Holland to Hungary river cruise is advertised as their most popular and it’s easy to understand why. The Rhine and the Danube are two of Europe’s largest rivers and some of the continent’s most interesting cities were ... read more

  • Express Customer Reviews

  • NualaMurphy

    Nov 26, 2011 by
    Not rated yet
    Pros:  tour guide, Karin, outstanding....very
    attentive, extremely knowledgeable. Ship-great,  hotel in Bergen was lovely.
    Cons: The only downside was a very long layover in JFK on the return trip.

    Summary: I traveled with Vantage in March 2010 and had such a wonderful experience that I just booked another tour with them.  I have traveled with at least ten different companies all over the world, and none did any better than Vantage.  They give a ... read more

  • Vantage Danube River Cruise Rifopp

    Jul 27, 2011 by
    Rated Show
    Pros: Helpful till they receive your money.
    Cons: Dishonest, deceptive, false and misleading ads and business practices.Avoid Vantage Travel.

    Summary: Vantage switched us from the 5 star Hilton Prague Center City to the dumpy 2 star "Elephant" Hotel  on our prepaid 3 night post cruise stay in September 2010, claiming that the hotels were comparable, even though the Hilton costs $200 per night ... read more

  • Amazing Africa Trip from Vantage!!

    Apr 22, 2011 by
    Rated Show
    Pros: Vantage did an amazing job!  We love traveling with them!
    Cons: No cons from us.

    Summary: Our trip this year to Africa was simply amazing!  We traveled with Vantage before on their River Boats in Europe - and always loved them - so we decided to try another area.  We went to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls, Botswana and ... read more

  • Vantage River Cruise Holiday Markets on Danube

    Dec 13, 2010 by
    Not rated yet
    Pros: Pros  Received Vantage Booklet before leaving on our trip.  Excellent information regarding cruise. 

    Cons: Cons  Lost luggage due to airline.  This distraction was handled expediently by the Vantage staff.

    Summary: We celebrated our 50th Anniversary and chose a trip of a lifetime.  We were not prepared for the wonderful experiences we had in each city we visited.  The walking tours were outstanding.  Each person having head phones could ... read more

  • Vantage's Advantage

    Jun 6, 2009 by
    Rated Show
    Pros: Seemingly interesting itineraries; VERY fast billing
    Cons: No customer service, or denial of requests

    Summary: Be very wary of this company.  They are very fast to take money and then cancel trips.  We substituted another and got NO ... read more

  • South America with Vantage World Travel

    Apr 15, 2009 by
    Rated Show
    Pros: We loved South America and would like to see more of it.
    Cons: None

    Summary: Highlights of South America included a train ride to tour the ruins of Machu Picchu where magnificent llamas are free to roam, Argentina to see Tango Dancers, and the tomb of Eva Peron, Chile and the beautiful Andes Mountains and Iguazu Falls in Brazil ... read more

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