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Yago Sant'gria 750ml

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  • Yago Sant'gria - an excellent Sangria at a great price

    Dec 8, 2007 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Mildly sweet and appealing taste of fruit. Never left me with a hangover feeling.
    Cons: Alcohol effect disguised by drinking this flavorful Sangria

    Summary: Note to reader: This review is for the 750ml bottle, which should be pictured above. 750ml = 25.361 fluid ounces. Sangria / Sant’gria Background Sangria is spelled "Sangria", Yago spells it "Sant'gria" which should come as no ... read more

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With a fresh and vibrant flavor, Yago Sant' Gria and Yago White Sant' Gria both offer a delicious blend of medium-dry red or light and sweet white tab...
Store Rating: 4.0
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