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1997 Cadillac Eldorado

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 4.5

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Cadillac should stand behind it's products

Dec 18, 2000 (A Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 40 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: fast, responsive, and safe
Cons: Minor problems add up quick

This car was leased new in 97. It was our second one. The car has always been great with little or no problems. Up until lately. It seems like as soon as the warrenty expired so did the car. Lately there have been alot of minor problems like, a short in ... read more

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One of the best rides

Dec 18, 1999 (A Very Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: beautiful car
Cons: gas mileage.

This car has been around for a long time. It seems the longer it's around the better is gets. This car is made of nothing but the best and is one of the finest their is. This car has the room and rate that people love. Something has got to be good ... read more

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Epinions Express Reviews
The king of cars
May 17, 2007 (Show)
Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 
Pros: Luxury
Cons: Price of repair
This really is a GREAT car. Mine is 10 years old, and still looks so updated and stylish. When i got the car, everything in it (and on it) was still intact (except for a few minor things, but just what you would expect for a 10 year old car) and it still ... read more
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1997 cadillac el dorado ETC 32 valve northstar engine,pearl white beauty,with cadillac custome rims.
Feb 12, 2006 (Show)
Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 
Pros: very comfortable for 4 adults,plenty of horsepower.Has excellent lines. Like driving in your recliner.
Cons: poor city mileage.Uses premeuim gas. What can I say, I love this car!
very good design,very contemporary.Two door coupes don't get any bigger than this!Big american car,with plenty of get and go!Beautiful interior, you arrive in ... read more
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