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1998 Explorer

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 4.0

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On my second one

May 5, 2012 (A Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Inexpensive to buy used.
Replacement parts easily available.
Roomy interior.
Nice ride.
Great visibility.
High safety rating.
Cons: Not great gas mileage.
The Bottom Line: I love this car. I've purchased two and will probably purchase another.

I currently have a 98 XLT. This is my second Explorer.  My first was a 96 hand me down from my daughter when she got a Jetta to save gas. We bought it for her because it had a very high safety rating and was basically a tank, so she'd be safe. ... read more

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Great long term car with plenty of room to spare

Jan 11, 2012 (A Very Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 40 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Comfortable, reliable and easy to maintain, gets decent to good mileage for an SUV
Cons: Watch out for major problem at the 10 year mark & possible electrical problems
The Bottom Line: It's worth it if you know what's coming at age 10 . Good mileage and pretty comfortable and tha's from someone who love Toyota and Honda!

The 1998 Ford Explorer was one of the first new cars I had. I had been burned by another American brand and put all my faith in the Japanese so I wasn't too impressed. At the time, there were a lot of recalls and we had the Firestone tires debacle so I ... read more

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1998 ford explorer

Jul 21, 2010 (Not Yet Rated)

Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Plenty of power 4.0 v6, factory sound system, comfortable seating, plenty of room.
Cons: Fuel consumption.
The Bottom Line: Great car, very good value for money.

Bought my FORD explorer secondhand, the previous owner had not really looked after the car very well, he had however put a reconditioned engine into the vehicle.The car had some common explorer faults when purchased, wheel bearing noise, chewed ... read more

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nice suv

Mar 6, 2008 (A Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 40 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: roomy,good gas mileage.
Cons: no third row of seats.
The Bottom Line: nice suv and worth the money.

this is a nice suv,it comes standard with a lot of options and it is very roomy.my husband has hauled every thing you can think of in this suv.we bought it used and it has been a good running vechicle.it gets pretty good gas mileage for its size,about 19 ... read more

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Do not buy the Ford Explorer

Jun 11, 2007 (A Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 10 Recommended: No 

Pros: Lots of room for carrying things as well as carrying 3 to 4 passengers.
Cons: Gas guzzler! More recalls on this SUV than on any other car I've owned.
The Bottom Line: Don't buy it. The quality of the engine is poor and too many recalls.

Especially do not buy a 1998 Ford Explorer without researching the problems that this SUV has had. At 60,900 miles my Explorer needs the front and rear timing chains and tensioners replaced as well as a new left cylinder head. You'll find lots of ... read more

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Worth Every Penny and More

Dec 31, 2006 (A Very Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 40 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: looks great, drives great, very reliable
Cons: gas guzzler
The Bottom Line: A great car at a great price. After owning this Explorer, I'll never make fun of Ford products again.

We purchased our Ford Explorer used. It's an Eddie Bauer edition and it served us well for quite a few years. Alas, I'm faced with trading it in since our family has outgrown the vehicle. If it seated more than five at a time, I'd be keeping it. When ... read more

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Ford Explorer...Goodbye to you our trusted friend!

Dec 17, 2006 (A Very Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 30 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: good solid car, long lasting
Cons: tons of recalls, expensive to repair.
The Bottom Line: A good solid long lasting vehicle.

An old and tired 1998 Ford Explorer sits in my driveway this morning. It is bright red and full of stories of all that it has been through with us. On December 23rd it will be replaced by a Saturn Vue Hybrid. My husband does not know or suspect that ... read more

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Explorer Sport--Awesome Jr. Truck

Aug 1, 2005 (A Very Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Good mileage, reliable, fun, hardy, versatile
Cons: Could have a more powerful engine
The Bottom Line: This is the ultimate versatile small SUV w/ actually functional 4x4 and road performance.

I bought my '98 2-dr in 2000 and have had it for five years now. This little SUV is roomy, versatile, reliable, and FUN! I've driven it on- and off-road, in rain, snow, ice, mud, and anything else you can think of. Never had any engine problems ... read more

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Original Owner 1998 Explorer XLT

Jun 18, 2005 (A Very Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 30 Recommended: No 

Pros: Good power from SOHC V6, Lots of space for hauling stuff. Reliable engine/transmission.
Cons: Uncomfortable seats, rough ride, eats brakes. Lots of recalls and maintenance issues.
The Bottom Line: Good commuter battering ram. Reliable engine, lots of minor nuisances and not good on long trips due to seat comfort and noise. Very rough ride.

General We purchased this vehicle new in April of 1998 to be my wife's primary vehicle. We also used it to pull a boat for a couple of years. The Explorer was/is excellent for pulling a 18' Searay. The V6SOHC has lots of power and gives about 20MPG on ... read more

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Second Explorer: Loved my first, love my second.

Jun 13, 2003 (A Very Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 40 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Comfort, ease of maintenance, reliability, parts availability
Cons: Performance, ride, fuel mileage
The Bottom Line: A great vehicle despite it's age and mileage. A quality, well built product.

Why I bought my Explorer: I love cars. Actually, I love anything with an engine. Being somewhat tal ... read more

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Its 2 Wheel Drive.

Dec 27, 2001 (A Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 40 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Its safer than the older models.
Cons: Its only 2 wheel drive.
The Bottom Line: My final recommendation of the 1998 Ford Explorer 2WD is not to buy it if possible, Save a little more money and get the 4WD explorer.

The 1998, Ford Explorer this SUV is a great inovation to the SUV world. These model years are much safer than the older models. Everyone has heard about the roll overs, the most roll overs that occured were with the Ford Explorers. Now ... read more

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Best SUV for Singles

Nov 16, 2000 (A Very Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: styling, gas mileage
Cons: access to back seat

I bought this vehicle first because it is a Ford, and second because I love the way it looks. It's not too big, but it's not too small. I like the rounded edges of it. It also gets better gas mileage than the larger SUVs. The storage space ... read more

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This my baby!! Awesome car.

Sep 8, 2000 (A Very Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Awesome looks, great engine, looks mean on the road
Cons: suspension. gas mileage

Ok first off I love SUVs themselves. I bought this car because it was and still is the best looking SUV on the market. IT has wonderful sporty yet truck like styling not found in other SUVs. All other SUVs I have found are pretty much boxes with straight ... read more

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Epinions Express Reviews
Ford Explorer
Sep 10, 2011 (Show)
Author's Product Rating: 30 Recommended: Yes 
Pros: Reliable car
Cons: parts breaking
Honestly, it's not a bad little car. The one I have I bought used, and even though it's had a few hardware problems, it's a pretty good car. Sometimes the gas mileage is a little ... read more
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In love with my Explorer
Nov 4, 2009 (Not Yet Rated)
Author's Product Rating: 40 Recommended: Yes 
Pros: Lots of space for passengers and cargo.
Cons: The locks break easily as well as the door handles.
My Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition as really been good to me. I just keep the oil changed and it runs like the day I bought it (in 2003). I bought my Explorer because I needed more space than a car would provide. The Explorer gives me that and then ... read more
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Great vehicle poor mechanical
Sep 3, 2009 (Show)
Author's Product Rating: 40 Recommended: Yes 
Pros: Good room, great power, easy to find cheap parts for, good sound system 
Cons: mechanical could have been a little better, gas hog
I have owned this truck going on 4 years now. I love it so much I don't want to get rid of it. I have replaced the engine already around 120k and now about 4k later the tranny went bad. Fortunately I am able to do the repairs myself but this year is ... read more
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170,000 miles & still going.....98 Xploder XLT
Dec 12, 2007 (Show)
Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 
Pros: IFS suspension EXTREMELY off road ready, engine gives lots of power once modded,
Cons: none...170,000 of desert, snow, highway and just changed a flat tire at 155,000. GREAT TRUCK!
bueatiful lines, broad shoulders, strong face doesnt overdo it, still looks beefy unlike the 3rd generations to present, comfortable and ... read more
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Nov 19, 2006 (Show)
Author's Product Rating: 20 Recommended: No 
Pros: Small size and full frame construction.
Cons: See my review above.
I enjoy Ford products. However, this Exploder is not one worthy of my affections. This thing has more bells and whistles to go wrong than anything else I've owned. You bet they go wrong too. The power door lock in the tailgate works part-time. The ... read more
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Best SUV I have ever had!
Dec 4, 2005 (Show)
Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 
Pros: Good styling, great handling, good interior, never had any problems mechanically with it.
Cons: None
When i first got my drivers license this was my very first car. I loved it! Then about 6 weeks later i managed to flip it off the side of the road going 65 miles an hour. But the thing is it didn't even crush it. All the windows were broken and the ... read more
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