Waring Pro 700G 1-Speed Blender Reviews
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Waring Pro 700G 1-Speed Blender

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    Highest Rated Consumer Review by the Community

  • excellent for margaritas

    Jan 23, 2001 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: beautiful design, durable, lasts forever
    Cons: a little pricey

    Summary: I bought this blender for my boyfriend about a year ago. Strange gift, I know. The thing is, he admired it in Williams Sonoma so I went back and got it for him for Christmas. Funny a man would admire a blender, but, I thought he would get a lot of ... read more

  • Waring Stainless

    Jul 1, 2001 by
    Rated a Helpful Review
    Pros: Impressive looking, heavy duty, great ice crusher for foo-foo drinks!
    Cons: None.

    Summary: The Waring has a 390 Watt motor which can chew ice up like it is nothing! The jar is made of heavy glass and has a tight fitting rubber lid. When you use it you need to hold a hand on top of things but you shouldn't walk away from a blender anyway. The ... read more

  • Style and Substance

    May 20, 2000 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Good looks, durable
    Cons: Somewhat heavy

    Summary: This good looking blender also gets the job done. This heavy blender my wife picked primarily for its good looks and heavy duty feel. It definitely is good looking and adds to the look of a modern or retro kitchen. Our all chrome shiny blender ... read more

  • The Original Is Still The Best!

    Apr 15, 2000 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: best blending action on the market
    Cons: non-removable container bottom makes cleaning a little harder

    Summary: I have owned every major blender brand over the past 25 years, since I was a teenager. I guess I just loved blenders from the start. The brand I've stuck with for ten years now is Waring. I have the commercial bar model with 1 speed, and a 14-speed ... read more

  • A manly blender

    Mar 15, 2000 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Simple, heavy-duty, seemingly unstoppable
    Cons: I can't get it to crush rocks . . .

    Summary: I bought my Waring blender at Williams-Sonoma over three years ago, and it still behaves like new. I honestly think the thing is never going to quit. But it's not hard to see why. All metal and glass construction - it weighs a ton, with its ... read more

  • Less is More

    Dec 20, 1999 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Ease of use, heavy-duty motor.
    Cons: Only complaint is the plastic top on the rubberized lid. Too easy to wear out.

    Summary: I purchased this blender because it had a heavy-duty motor and a glass NOT PLASTIC pitcher. I used to own a multi-speed blender, but it didn't perform. This Waring model is a classic. Classic looks, heavy-duty, simple to use. Two speeds are all anyone ... read more

  • Express Customer Reviews

  • BLENDER - beautiful & elegant deco-looking

    Dec 2, 2007 by
    Rated Show
    Pros: Elegant, timeless design. Simple. Easy to clean. Very powerful for ice crushing and smoothies.
    Cons: Really cant think of one. If you only could get one blender, this is it.

    Summary: This blender makes quick work of ice-crushing, smoothies and daquaries. Simple one-speed motor - that's all you need, on and off. Forget about low, high, pulse, and all the other crap - this blender is either off, or effortlessly making delicious ... read more

  • Simple and Sturdy... Awesome!

    May 21, 2005 by
    Rated Show
    Pros: It has a lot of power and is very easy to clean. Reliable!
    Cons: There is nothing that I don't like about it.

    Summary: This is the best blender for making smoothies. It is easy to use and simple to clean. What makes this blender better than the others on the market is that is doesn't have a lot of pieces to it. It just has the blender and the lid. Exactly what I was ... read more

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Create delicious fruit smoothies, frozen beverages, sauces, and more with the Waring 700G single speed blender! This blender features a heavy duty ble...
Store Rating: 4.0
The Commercial Blender by Waring: Blend a variety of foods with this Waring food blender. This Waring food blender has a removable glass container tha...
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Food Blender, HeavyDuty, Capacity 40 Oz, HP 1/2, Voltage 120, RPM High 18000, Hz 60, Amps 3, Watts 350, Depth 7 In., Width 8 In., Height 16 1/2 In., M...
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Single Speed powerful commercial grade motor, Perfect for smothies, popular frozen drinks, ice crushing, sauce and more. Dripless pour spout makes ser...
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