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2005 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 4.0

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My little putt-putt...

Apr 1, 2006 (A Very Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Zoom-Zoom-Zoom heaven, runs like a top.
Cons: No cruise control, manual tranny is stiff.
The Bottom Line: Excellent drive for someone who wants a sports car at a reasonable price.

I've read the 2 reviews about my 2005 MX-5 here on Epinions, one by a person who seems to hint-hint that we need to subscribe to his expert opinions about autos to enhance our limited knowledge of transportation. The other review was by a New Englander ... read more

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The 2005 and 1996 Mazda MX-5 Miata Compared

Apr 16, 2005 (A Very Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Agility, responsiveness and reliability
Cons: A small car with limited storage space
The Bottom Line: If you really want a roadster, you will be delighted with the Miata.

Our 1996 Miata, replacing an aging Accord, was a midlife indulgence. For me, with two sons then well on their way into adulthood and no more need to ferry around children and their baggage, it was the Austin-Healy I wanted as a teenager but never owned. ... read more

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MazdaSpeed Miata: why I'd pass on the turbo

by mkaresh is a Lead on Epinions in Cars & Motorsports
Jul 8, 2005 - Updated Oct 5, 2006 (A Very Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 40 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: reliability reputation, great shifter and chassis, more upscale feel than previous Miatas
Cons: overly high driving position, low header, engine doesn't fit character of the car
The Bottom Line: A great car in many respects, especially for around $20,000, but the laggy engine doesn't fit the otherwise "right now" character of the car.

For many auto enthusiasts, a powerful engine is a necessity, and more power is always better. From its introduction in the 1990 model year through 2003, the Mazda Miata was simply not their sort of car. Created by engineers who prioritized responsiveness ... read more

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Epinions Express Reviews
Outstanding TRUE Roaster!
Feb 3, 2008 (Show)
Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 
Pros: FUN is #1, Handling, Style, Reliability, Torque, Rare.
Cons: If you are too tall, fat, or have a problem bending down - forget it!
A beautiful and rare Mazda - a little under 1500 produced. The six speed short shifter is a dream to use. The car handles like a go-kart on steroids. It has very unique styling that is different from all other MX5s. I think about driving it. I have ... read more
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Way too small on today's highways - no speed
Jan 12, 2007 (Show)
Author's Product Rating: 20 Recommended: No 
Pros: fuel
Cons: noisy, rough ride, slow!!
I just traded my Miata for a RX8 because the miata has no acceleration, it's too noisy, and the doors feel cheap. At first I liked it, but later it hated it because it is so small and uncomfortable. The interior is not great either, the buttons are too ... read more
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