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Polk PSW10 Powered Subwoofer

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    Highest Rated Consumer Review by the Community

  • Great price; perfect for an apartment or small living room!

    Apr 5, 2005 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Attractive, small, powerful, inexpensive, and Polk's got some sweet brand-name cache
    Cons: Not recommended for huge rooms, or if you want window-rattling, gut-rumbling bass

    Summary: In The Box The packaging is professional and standard-issue: heavy gauge cardboard box, styrofoam inserts, and thick cellophane covering. No big whoop. In the box you'll find the subwoofer, the manual, and that's about it. You'll want to grab a ... read more

  • impressed

    Jun 20, 2011 by
    Rated a Helpful Review
    Pros: looks good, sounds good, is good. also cheap. out performs similar priced subs.
    Cons: large, port noise

    Summary: this is definatly the best bang for your buck when you're talking about the sound quality of the bass. it won't shake your whole house unless it's turned up pretty dang high. the sub hits hard, deep, and clean. it expecially excels in music... each thump ... read more

  • Superb value, economical with excellent performance

    Jan 9, 2010 by
    Rated a Helpful Review
    Pros: Superb bass, great price or for free with a Polk package deal
    Cons: Not really intended for very large rooms, but best in its price range

    Summary: This is an amazing subwoofer, whose price belies its performance capability. Like all subwoofers, for satisfying performance you must place it in the correct location in your room for maximum power and good clear sound. One way to help you get around ... read more

  • Polk PSW 10 Rocks

    Dec 21, 2006 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Low cost, clean natural bass, easy hook up, non critical room placement, excellent warranty
    Cons: No magnetic shielding. I dont know if unit has overload protection or not.

    Summary: I recently purchased a Polk Audio PSW 10 subwoofer. I can report that I am very pleased with this unit! It is easy to connect to any stereo amp or receiver, and has both RCA jacks, and spring loaded connections that accept ordinary speaker cable, for ... read more

  • For $99, this is spectacular

    Dec 9, 2006 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Solid construction & appearance, excellent performance for the price and size
    Cons: Better suited for music reproduction than for highly demanding movie soundtracks.

    Summary: I purchased this sub a couple of weeks ago at Circuit City on a one-day half-price promotion. The sale price was $99. I purchased a very similar Polk Audio subwoofer one or two years ago on Black Friday for the same price. As other reviewers have ... read more

  • Little Boomer Packs Big Punch

    Feb 19, 2006 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Natural bass sound is well suited for music. Adequate power and depth for theatrical sound.
    Cons: Just enough power to reach all the corners in a 20 X 20 room.

    Summary: Other reviews here give you the technical specifications, so I'll concentrate on what I perceive as this Polk sub's best feature - musicality. This is a relatively inexpensive sub by home stereo standards, yet it fills an important niche that will be of ... read more

  • Express Customer Reviews

  • Very Impressive Subwoofer; No Discernable Distortion

    Nov 8, 2010 by
    Not rated yet
    Pros: Compact size.
    Solid, Crisp Bass.
    No distortion.
    100 Watt Amp.
    Quality Construction.
    Functional controls.
    Cons: Access to the fuse is gained via removal of the rear panel.

    Summary: The Polk PSW10 subwoofer was chosen to replace a JBL Sub due to failure of it's built-in Amp. My home theater system consists of a 500 Watt Kenwood 5.1 Receiver driving JBL front, center, and rear speakers, and now the new PSW10 Sub. This was my first ... read more

  • excellent sub for the audiophile on a budget

    Jan 9, 2007 by
    Rated Show
    Pros: accurate audio reproduction throughout the range, clean lines and durable construction. perfect for compact systems.
    Cons: none

    Summary: upon unpacking the polk psw10, the word "quality" strikes you. everything about it is quality. the design is compact, understated and elegant. the cabinet and electrical interface are rock-solid in construction. the sound reproduction of the ... read more

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