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  • China Surly....China Southern Airlines

    Feb 12, 2002 by tombarnes is a Top Reviewer on Epinions in Hotels & Travel
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: You get to your destination...Business class is not much more expensive than coach,
    Cons: Old planes, indifferent food, brisk service

    Summary: We flew from Beijing to Guangzhou, China on China Southern Airlines. I will try to be charitable, as I realize that this is a state-run airline. I believe that the airline may be making genuine attempts to improve customer service, but our ... read more

  • Nightmare

    Nov 6, 2011 by
    Not yet rated.
    Pros: Nothing good to say about this airline
    Cons: dirty, rude, uncomfortable, hot,   food is disgusting , no entertainment

    Summary: Worse experience of my life. I have flown around the world many times and I have never come across a airline like it  I really don't know how they get away with it.  Paid for premium economy  the extra money you pay gives you all of 3 ... read more

  • worst experience in 15 years of travelling

    Jul 4, 2010 by
    Rated a Helpful Review
    Pros: cheap price
    Cons: non-existent customer service, no english agent, delay and cancellation, no elderly support

    Summary: We booked a trip for my family of 3 persons from Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) to Amsterdam (Netherlands) in July 2010, my parents of almost 70 years old and my brother. For this flight we have to transit in Guangzhou. In our initial itinerary we have to stay ... read more

  • The Worst Food Ever - UPDATE

    Feb 11, 2008 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Mostly okay service, on-time and some English ability.
    Cons: The food sucks and the movies were awful, be sure to pack your own food.

    Summary: I wrote the original review back in 2008 and just this last week had to fly with China Southern again but this time to Changchun.  I agree with everything I wrote the first time about them, the movies are still not worth the effort and the food was ... read more

  • Above par domestic flight

    Jan 4, 2007 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: - Inflight meals on short flight - Attentive and polite crews
    Cons: - Disorganised boarding procedure

    Summary: Guangzhou (CAN) to Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA) and return in mid-December. Check-in for both legs were done within a few minutes with minimal fuss. Passenger load was 100% both ways. Outgoing flight was on new 737-800. The aircraft was clean and well ... read more

  • Definitely needs improvement!

    Mar 14, 2005 by
    Rated a Helpful Review
    Pros: punctual
    Cons: Did not enforce safety rules strictly

    Summary: Flew coach class from Singapore to Beijing in Nov 2004.As our travel dates were public holidays in Singapore, most flights to virtually all destinations were full. Somehow 1 agent managed to get a package with China Southern Airlines to Beijing.Can't ... read more

  • China Southern Airlines: Adequate Transportation, Good Service, but Terrible Food.

    Jan 14, 2005 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: adequate transportation, good service, on time
    Cons: food

    Summary: China Southern Airlines: Adequate Transportation, Good Service, but Terrible Food. By James Zaworski I had the opportunity to fly from Shen Zhen city, in southern Guangdong Province (next to Hong Kong), to Beijing on December 26, 2004. I had ... read more

  • China Southern Was Great!

    Feb 5, 2004 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Professional Crews Attentive Service New Airplanes Great Food
    Cons: None!

    Summary: Flying China Southern from LA to Guangzhou and back was a great experience. Not only was the service in premium economy much better than anything here in the States, but I took a good look at everything. I'm a retired U.S. Naval Flight Officer and ... read more

  • Flight from Hong Kong to Yantai (Northern China)

    Aug 16, 2001 by
    Rated a Helpful Review
    Pros: Beautiful Flight Attendents
    Cons: Bad inflight services

    Summary: I made my flight from HK to Yantai, flight time was 3 hours and 20 mins. My flight was on time and flew over Santou, Fuzhou, Shanghai then into Qingdao. The aircraft type was A320. Meal served on board but those inflight meals are taken in ... read more

  • Air Hostesses Need Retraining!

    Feb 7, 2001 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: 1.Beautiful air-hostesses 2.smooth-ride
    Cons: 2.Rude air-hostesses 2.Providing wrong food

    Summary: I went on a group tour to China last year.I had the opportunity to take a flight on a China Southern plane.It was my first trip to China and I was quite excited about it.But my high spirits were dampened by the unprofessional behavior of an ... read more

  • empty 747

    Jan 30, 2001 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Clean and orderly
    Cons: Will they go out of business?

    Summary: I had the opportunity to try out China Southern service from Hong Kong to Guanzhou (a little over an hour), and I was extremely suprised to learn that I would be taking the trip in a 747. Of course this was also comforting because 747s are among the ... read more

  • Express Customer Reviews

  • New A380

    Oct 3, 2012 by
    Rated Show
    Pros: Modern, comfortable seat, great food
    Cons: flight was over to soon

    Summary: Tried out the new a380 in China Southern's fleet. It lived upto its name. I was in business class travelling from Beijing to Guangzhou for business. The seat is a fully flat bed and the seat is very comfortable. I had the beef noodles and it tasted ... read more

  • Your nightmare starts here if you fly with China Southern.

    May 2, 2012 by
    Not rated yet
    Pros: None, really.  NONE. It's a waste of money. You might as well walk.
    Cons: EVERYTHING. They are disgraceful!!

    Summary: If you want your holiday turn into a creepy movie like 'Spook' 'Final Destination', this is certainly the airline to fly with. On my flight from Ams to SYD, there was a technical stop at Beijing, then I was taken away brutally to be questioned that why I ... read more

  • Bad experience

    Jul 17, 2011 by
    Not rated yet
    Pros: My trip to China with China Southern was satisfactory.
    Cons: Poor communication. Very unreliable.

    Summary: In April I had a bad experience with China Southern Airlines  on my return trip to Auckland, New Zealand. Despite re-confirming my reservation, I arrived at Hangzhou airport in good time for check-in and was told that my China Southern connecting ... read more

  • China Southern - beware!

    Jun 19, 2011 by
    Not rated yet
    Pros: Nothing. I would say price, but in the end it could cost you more.
    Cons: Unreliable
    Bad Service

    Summary: My wife recently travelled internationally with China Southern.They mixed up her flight, left her waiting for the plane in China, only to tell her that she missed her flight. They then falsely recorded that she was a 'no show' (in their own ... read more

  • Think twice before book your tickets online

    May 6, 2009 by
    Not rated yet
    Pros: New experience about another horrible information system and customer service
    Cons: . Losing money
    . Frustration
    . Don't even get you to the destination (?!?)

    Summary: At least any of you people left comments here got to fly with them! We booked a return international flight with them from HCMC to Guangzhou through online booking. The money came through but not our information. Obviously we didn't get any confirmation ... read more

  • Do not fly China Southern Airlines...

    Aug 21, 2006 by
    Rated Show
    Pros: Nothing good.
    Cons: Bad food, bad service, cancelled our flight for 24 hours!

    Summary: They cancelled our flight back home from Guangzhou to Los Angeles because there weren't enough people in the plane! They placed us in a airport hotel. Next flight was 24 hour later. Not compensations were given. They charged us extra at the hotel with no ... read more

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