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-44% PCI1394_4 4 Port IEEE 1394 FireWire PCI Card
Featured Product PCI1394_4 4 Port IEEE 1394 FireWire PCI Card

The PCI 1394_4 Four-Port IEEE 1394 FireWire Card is made to turn a motherboard PCI slot into four IEEE 1394a FireWire six-pin female ... More at


+$4.97 shipping PCI4S9503V Serial Adapter PCI4S9503V Serial Adapter

Add 4 high-speed RS-232 serial ports to your computer with a buffered serial card from The card uses a 16-Byte buffer in both the receiv... PCI1PECPDV Serial Adapter PCI1PECPDV Serial Adapter

This high performance EPP/ECP parallel card adds one IEEE 1284 port to your PC, with data transfer speeds of up to 1.5 Mbits/sec – up to 3 times fas...

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StarTech .com PCI (PCISOUND4CH) Sound Card

StarTech .com PCI (PCISOUND4CH) Sound Card

Add 4 channel audio to a desktop PC with a PCI slot. This 4-channel PCI sound card delivers high quality, multi-channel audio capability and supports ...

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and more stores PCI1394_4 Serial Adapter PCI1394_4 Serial Adapter

The StarTech PCI IEEE-1394 FireWire card adds 4 ports to a Windows 98SE or 2000 PC, allowing the connection of high-speed devices like Digital Video c...

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and more stores PCI8S9503V Serial Adapter PCI8S9503V Serial Adapter

The card uses a 16-Byte buffer in both the receive and transmit channels simultaneously, reducing the number of CPU interrupts and improving system pe... PCI1S550 Serial Adapter PCI1S550 Serial Adapter's PCI1S550 adds 1 additional serial port to a PC allowing users to connect hardware with serial interfaces such as modems, PDAs, digital ...
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"Problematic under XP Pro"
Reviewed by davidhaile
This card goes nuts and almost stops my PC if I send any data to it. I didn't intend to buy something that takes a lot of . . .

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and more stores PCI1S650PW Serial Adapter PCI1S650PW Serial Adapter

Are you looking for an easy way to add self-powered serial devices to your computer, POS solution, or manufacturing application?'s PCI1S6...

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and more stores PCI2S950 Serial Adapter PCI2S950 Serial Adapter

The 2 port PCI Serial card is the latest in Plug and Play high-speed serial expansion cards. It provides two high performance 16C950 UART...

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and more stores PCI420USB Serial Adapter PCI420USB Serial Adapter

Want to be able to plug in the most demanding next-generation peripherals and experience high-speed data transfer rates? With speeds up to 40x faster ...

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and more stores PCI2S2PMC Serial Adapter PCI2S2PMC Serial Adapter

2S2P PCI Serial Parallel Combo Card with 16C1050 UART Add two Serial and two Parallel ports to your desktop system through a single PCI slot. PCI4S550N Serial Adapter PCI4S550N Serial Adapter

If you've got more serial peripherals than you do ports, pick up the PCI4S550N. You'll add four 16C550 serial ports to your PC, giving yo...

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and more stores PCI2S950DV Serial Adapter PCI2S950DV Serial Adapter

This card adapter fits into your PC's existing PCI slot to create one 16C950 UART channel for connecting serial modems, POS devices, printers, ISDN te...

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