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Coby TFTV992 9

Coby TFTV992 9" 480p SDTV LCD Television

Keep yourself entertained with your favorite TV shows while you???re on the go with the Coby TFTV992, a portable digital LCD television. The 9-inch TF...
Coby TFDVD2495 24

Coby TFDVD2495 24" 1080p HD LCD Television

Enjoy watching television with the Coby TFDVD2495 that displays crystal-clear content on screen. The Coby LCD TV’s dual tuners decode both digital a...
Coby TFTV3728 37

Coby TFTV3728 37" 1080p HD LCD Television

This Coby 37-inch TV is up to date and exciting, and it is designed for those looking for a stunning visual display. The Coby TFTV3728 features a hig...
Coby TFTV3247 32

Coby TFTV3247 32" 1080p HD LCD Television

Boasting a stylish and elegant design, the Coby TFTV3247 LCD TV renders high-definition images and an awesome stereo output, delivering a movie theate...

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Coby LEDTV5536 55

Coby LEDTV5536 55" 1080p HD LED LCD Television

Enter the world of high-quality entertainment with the Coby LEDTV5536 TV. The full HD 1080p native resolution of this Coby HDTV gives you amazingly cl...
Coby LEDTV1526 15

Coby LEDTV1526 15" 720p HD LED LCD Television

Enjoy crisp, clear and lifelike image on the 15.6-inch LED HDTV widescreen of the Coby LEDTV1526 television. The built-in digital TV tuner in this Cob...
Coby LEDTV3226 32

Coby LEDTV3226 32" 720p HD LED LCD Television

With a resolution of 1366x768 pixels, the Coby LEDTV3226 television ensures a stunning visual output. As it has a contrast ratio of 6000:1, this Coby ...
Coby LED3DTV5586 55

Coby LED3DTV5586 55" 3D-Ready LED LCD Television

Are you ready for the coming 3D revolutions? The new line of 3D LED TVs offer depth and realism in eye-popping 3D on a brilliant LED display. Experien...
Coby LEDTV2326 23

Coby LEDTV2326 23" 1080p HD LCD Television

Enjoy watching your favorite movies on Coby LEDTV2326 television, with its wide 23-inch TFT LCD screen. This Coby HDTV offers you high definition pict...
Coby LEDTV3216 31.5

Coby LEDTV3216 31.5" 720p HD LED LCD Television

  2 reviews
"A Decent value for the money"
Reviewed by philephool
I'd buy this TV again as long as the price is sub-175.  Good for a second TV.  
Coby LEDTV2316 23

Coby LEDTV2316 23" 720p HD LED LCD Television

Enjoy high-quality visuals with family and friends on the Coby LEDTV2316 TV. The 23-inch screen of this Coby HDTV comes with a 720p resolution that le...
  6 reviews
"Coby LEDTV"
Reviewed by njayakri
It is bloody awesome.
COBY 24 LCD-DVD Combo 1080p 60Hz

COBY 24 LCD-DVD Combo 1080p 60Hz

COBY 24 LCD-DVD Combo 1080p 60Hz .24-inch widescreen TFT LCD Integrated slot-loading DVD player upconverts DVD video to near-HD quality (1080p) ... More at Sears Marketplace