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Happy Feet  (Nintendo DS, 2006)

Happy Feet (Nintendo DS, 2006)

Tapping along as Mumble, the penguin protagonist in Happy Feet, players may explore the chilly environment of Antarctica as they avoid leopard seals a...
Super Mario 64 DS  (Nintendo DS, 2004)

Super Mario 64 DS (Nintendo DS, 2004)

Nintendo 64's highly acclaimed 3D platform hit Super Mario 64 arrives on the Nintendo DS with all-new features that take full advantage of the new por...
  296 reviews
"It's-ah Mario, in Three Dimensions, on Two Screens!"
Reviewed by BaronSamedi3
Will head wings be the next level of human evolution? What about raccoon tails that allow you to fly?

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True Swing Golf  (Nintendo DS, 2006)

True Swing Golf (Nintendo DS, 2006)

The second golf game on the Nintendo DS earns its moniker by featuring a touch-screen interface for swinging the club. The stylus is used to simulate ...
  20 reviews
"True Swing Golf: Touch the Ball! Touch it!"
Reviewed by B_Campbell
At least rest this game or pick it up cheaply for the unique use of the touch screen. If you're a golf game fanatic, you should like of this one.

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Nintendo DS Browser  (Nintendo DS, 2007)

Nintendo DS Browser (Nintendo DS, 2007)

  82 reviews
"Almost a netbook with your DS"
Reviewed by unique42
True it is slow to display the majority of sites. For those above tend to widen with each year more and more pictures. However, . . .

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Animal Boxing  (Nintendo DS, 2008)

Animal Boxing (Nintendo DS, 2008)

In Animal Boxing, players face off in fair and friendly fistfights against dozens of animal opponents, each with a different boxing style. Cat, fox, r...

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Pokemon Conquest  (Nintendo DS, 2012)

Pokemon Conquest (Nintendo DS, 2012)

A Pok???mon-flavored homage to the classic NES title Nobunaga's Revenge, Pok???mon Conquest puts DS players in control of a young warlord and his link...
  10 reviews
"Pokemon Conquest Review"
Reviewed by cpisces609
Great game for the more laid back pokemon fans and an excellent strategy game but somewhat confusing if you do the perfect bonds

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Rhythm Heaven  (Nintendo DS, 2009)

Rhythm Heaven (Nintendo DS, 2009)

Good music and fun is available right at the player’s fingertips with this rhythm-based Nintendo DS video game, which uses original music compositio...
  56 reviews
"Tap into the Rhythm!"
Reviewed by tatarus
A funky DS game for anyone, Rhythm Heaven concentrates on increasing your rhythmic skills, all the while being an entertaining video game for any occasion.

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Pac-Pix  (Nintendo DS, 2005)

Pac-Pix (Nintendo DS, 2005)

Namco draws upon its most universally recognizable property in this Nintendo DS exclusive. The character that became an icon for the arcade heyday of ...
  19 reviews
"The fun puzzle-game which nobody noticed!"
Reviewed by imerion
With a new way of interaction and a puzzle-formula which is more that the usual "falling-blocks" style, Pac Pix is a very innovative and fun game.

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Ultimate Band  (Nintendo DS, 2008)

Ultimate Band (Nintendo DS, 2008)

Disney's Ultimate Band is an every-kid's answer to air-guitar aspirations and fantasies of fame, inspired by the play of harder-rocking rhythm games a...

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Pokemon: White Version  (Nintendo DS, 2011)

Pokemon: White Version (Nintendo DS, 2011)

The next chapter in Nintendo's blockbuster Pok???mon franchise features 156 completely new creatures to battle, capture, tame, and train. Two distinct...
  113 reviews
"Nostalgia hits deep."
Reviewed by weekdy
This game is a must play for both old and new Pokemon fan. I have been playing Pokemon since the first generation, I remember . . .

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Jonas  (Nintendo DS, 2009)

Jonas (Nintendo DS, 2009)

Jonas follows the Lucas brothers as they go about their everyday, but not so normal lives. It features other main characters from the show, including ...

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Personal Trainer: Cooking  (Nintendo DS, 2008)

Personal Trainer: Cooking (Nintendo DS, 2008)

Nintendo expands its "Touch Generations" series of casual, instructional, and family friendly software with Personal Trainer: Cooking. Designed as an ...
  80 reviews
"Personal Trainer Cooking - Food, a la DS"
Reviewed by randyman92
Buy it if you are looking to be productive, otherwise you will just be bored.

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Star Fox Command  (Nintendo DS, 2006)

Star Fox Command (Nintendo DS, 2006)

Fox McCloud is back in the cockpit and ready for some high-flying combat in his DS debut. After a jaunt of third-person action-adventure in the GameCu...
  58 reviews
"Star Fox on the DS"
Reviewed by Bouv
Good game, though short. The online capabilites adds a lot fo replay value to the game.

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Children of Mana  (Nintendo DS, 2006)

Children of Mana (Nintendo DS, 2006)

Square's popular action role-playing series returns to a Nintendo platform with the DS debut of Children of Mana. While previous games featured predom...
  38 reviews
"Children of Mana"
Reviewed by nick7jq
Crafting Mama  (Nintendo DS, 2010)

Crafting Mama (Nintendo DS, 2010)

Majesco's multitasking "mama" moves from the kitchen, nursery, and garden to the crafting room in this lighthearted spin-off. As with previous games i...
  13 reviews
"Great time consuming game,Mama knows what works"
Reviewed by silviakurolt
Fans will have a great time exploring Mama's other talents,while other players might feel like the game lacks the challenge factor and could get bored pretty quickly.
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