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Lasko 2155A 16

Lasko 2155A 16" Window Mount Fan

The 16 Electrically Reversible Window Fan powerfully circulates air through two to three rooms. Plus its exclusive Storm Guard feature allows you to c...
  3 reviews
"Better than advertised"
Reviewed by rynncp
Perfect solution for air movement without holes in the ceiling and expense.

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Lasko FAN WINDOW TWIN REVERS8'' 8" Window Mount Fan

The 8 Electrically Reversible Twin Window Fan adds the convenience of in-window reverse and independently controlled motors, making it one of the most...

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Lasko 2137

Lasko 2137 " Table Fan

the versatile 7" twin window fan cools both day and night! set on exhaust during the day the fan creates a refreshing indoor breeze that expels accumu...

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Lasko 2264QM

Lasko 2264QM " Wall Mount Fan

The Lasko 2264QM 20 inch high velocity floor or wall mount fan is a commercial grade unit that performs on the job day in and day out. It is designed ...

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Lasko 3723 20

Lasko 3723 20" Floor / Box Fan

It's a breeze to get cooled off this season with this 20" three-speed box fan. It's designed with steel box housing with baked enamel finish, five pla...
  6 reviews
"Awesome Lasko 22" Box Fan"
Reviewed by termy
This is the best, most affordable, box fan I have ever bought. Its a pleasure to own and use, nothing better then Lasko!

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Lasko 2265QM

Lasko 2265QM " Wall Mount Fan

Max Performance, 20inch High Velocity, Floor Fan or Wallmount Fan, Converts Easily from Wall to Floor Use, INDUSTRIAL GRADE, Durable Tubular Steel Con...

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Lasko 4924

Lasko 4924 " Tower Fan

Same great power, new contemporary look. The HVB High Velocity Blower Floor Fan has the power of 20” High Velocity Floor Fan in a slender, modernize...

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Lasko 3012 12

Lasko 3012 12" Wall Mount Fan

12" Oscillating Wall-Mount Fan LASKO 12" Oscillating Wall-Mount Fan - 3012 Three; Whisper-Quiet Speeds with Optional Oscillation. 3-Prong; Grounded P...

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Lasko 1646

Lasko 1646 " Stand (Pedestal) Fan

The LASKO 1646 16' pedestal fan is a great and affordable choice for home use as its rugged construction and superior material. This fan comes with th...

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Lasko 2002 6

Lasko 2002 6" Table Fan

The 6 Personal Fan is available in four, fun colors to suit your individual taste. It pivots up and down for focused, personal attention and even incl...
  3 reviews
"My favorite little fan!"
Reviewed by tiffkop
Serves its purpose, inexpensive and best of all it cooled me off!

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Lasko 2004W

Lasko 2004W " Table Fan

The Lasko 6" White Clip Fan can go almost anywhere, and its personal size makes it ideal for cramped quarters. For added versatility, the fan head ca...

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Lasko 3016 16

Lasko 3016 16" Wall Mount Fan

The 12 and 16 Wall-Mount Fans are real problem-solvers. They can be quickly installed with the included mounting hardware, and they can be controlled ...

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Lasko 2136 8

Lasko 2136 8" Window Mount Fan

The 8" Twin Window Fan can really keep you comfortable. Its thermostat feature makes it ideal for nighttime use. When the temperature falls below the ...
Lasko 3542

Lasko 3542 " Wall Mount Fan

Invest in a fan with true power when you add this cyclone floor fan to your home. The 20" fan is packed with helpful features from full-tilt air contr...

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Lasko 505

Lasko 505 " Table Fan

10 Breeze Machine Fan with 2 whisper quiet speeds. Energy efficient operation. Full tilt for directing airflow. Lightweight and easily transportable f...

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