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Syberia  (Xbox, 2003)

Syberia (Xbox, 2003)

It seemed like routine business for corporate lawyer Kate Walker; her company was purchasing an old toy factory and had sent her to Europe to sign som...
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"Imaginative Graphic-Adventure on the Xbox"
Reviewed by carnalidge
A contemporary perspective on the point-and-click genre. A unique experience on the xbox that displays strong aesthetic detail and creative storytelling. Absolutely NOT for hardcore-action enthusiasts!
Still Life  (PC, 2005)

Still Life (PC, 2005)

Still Life is a 3D point-and-click adventure that garners its "M" rating due to its gruesome subject matter. Players take the role of a gifted young F...

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Syberia II  (PC, 2004)

Syberia II (PC, 2004)

Continuing the adventures of Kate Walker and Hans Voralberg, Syberia II offers players a refined graphic engine with added animation, more characters ...

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Sinking Island  (PC, 2008)

Sinking Island (PC, 2008)

Told in classic Noir fashion, Sinking Island is a whodunit mystery adventure in which players must unravel the circumstances of the mysterious death o...

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Syberia  (PC, 2002)

Syberia (PC, 2002)

Penned by graphic novelist Benoit Sokal, Syberia -- a third-person point-and-click adventure -- tells the tale of Kate Walker, an attorney sent to Eur...

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