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Pioneer BDP-51FD Blu-Ray Player

Pioneer BDP-51FD Blu-Ray Player

  3 reviews
"The Emperor's New clothes?"
Reviewed by cmdr
Blu Ray is a flawed and confusing format but if you must have a player, this is a good unit. I'd advise against spending more right now.
Pioneer BDP-320 Blu-Ray Player

Pioneer BDP-320 Blu-Ray Player

  1 review
"PIONEER'S " 48 BIT " DEEP COLOR, BLU-RAY PLAYER - Little Sister to Elite FD-23"
Reviewed by schafercorp
A step UP, in the Blu-Ray units, that offers MANY, Adjstments making it a SOLID CHOICE for Novice or Video-Audiophile, looking in this price range. Same Player Pioneer Elite FD-23
Pioneer BDP-120 Blu-Ray Player

Pioneer BDP-120 Blu-Ray Player

  2 reviews
"Pioneer BDP-120 Blu-ray Disc Player - Blu-ray Quality at an Affordable Price"
Reviewed by AliventiAsylum
An affordable and high-quality Blur-ray player from Pionner, which has always been a terrific name for electronics.