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Dennis Miller - The Rants

Dennis Miller - The Rants

Dennis Miller and Kevin Rooney assemble a collection of rants on dope-addled baseball players, do-nothing politicians, America's acceptance of violenc...
  4 reviews
"I don't want to go off on a rant but Dennis Miller's still relevant!"
Reviewed by PattyTherre
Dennis Miller - The Rants is a collection of over 40 monologues that Miller delivered on his HBO show in the 90's. Funny, thought provoking, and still relevant!
Dennis Miller - Ranting Again

Dennis Miller - Ranting Again

Comedian Dennis Miller hurls a new batch of acrimonious witticisms--this time scrutinzing illegal immigration, the sobriety movement, American school ...
  1 review
"Dennis Miller is Ranting Again"
Reviewed by phungus
Fans of Dennis Miller's HBO show will love this.
Dennis Miller - I Rant Therefore I Am

Dennis Miller - I Rant Therefore I Am

Once again there's good news for those of us who rage at the evening news, shake our heads at Washington's business-as-usual, or watch as politicians ...
  6 reviews
"Dennis Miller - I Could be Wrong (but I doubt it)"
Reviewed by CyndiA
If you are a huge Dennis Miller fan, you may want this book. Otherwise, I would suggest passing.


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