Ameda Dual Hygienikit (AMEDAKIT) Reviews
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Ameda Dual Hygienikit (AMEDAKIT)

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Ameda's exclusive patented HygieniKit Collection System is compatible with any Ameda breast pump (including the Purely Yours), and creates one of the most effective pumping systems available today. It assists mothers in providing the best nutrition possible for baby - their very own breast milk. The Dual HygieniKit alows mothers to save precious time by double pumping or to easily switch to single pumping without reconfiguring the system. The kit's unique silicone diphragm acts as a barrier, separating the user from the suction source. This helps ensure milk purity by preventing contaminants from coming in contact with collected breast milk and prevents milk backup so tubing and pump require little to no maintenance. Ameda part number 17131.

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