Nora Roberts - Birthright

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Overseeing the excavation of an ancient skeleton that has been discovered at a small-town construction site, archaeologist Callie Dunbrook copes with accidents and rumors that the project is cursed, a situation that is complicated by a stranger's claims about her past.

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Nora Roberts

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Audio - Audio CassetteUnabridgedMarch 01, 2003Brilliance Audio7.25"(h) x 4"(w) x 2.75"(d), 0.85 lbs.9781590863374, Audio - Compact DiscAbridgedJuly 28, 2006Brilliance Audio6"(h) x 5"(w) x 0.5"(d), 0.28 lbs.9781423319412, Audio - Compact DiscAbridgedOctober 30, 2009Brilliance Audio5.25"(h) x 5"(w) x 0.5"(d), 0.25 lbs.9781441826459, Audio - Compact DiscUnabridgedMarch 01, 2003Brilliance Audio Lib Edn6.5"(h) x 7"(w) x 1"(d), 0.8 lbs.9781590863404, Audio - Compact DiscUnabridgedMarch 01, 2003Brilliance Audio5.25"(h) x 6"(w) x 1.25"(d), 0.6 lbs.9781590863398, Audio - MP3 CDUnabridgedJune 30, 2004Brilliance Audio Lib Edn7.75"(h) x 5.75"(w) x 0.5"(d), 0.25 lbs.9781593354077, Audio - MP3 CDUnabridgedJune 30, 2004Brilliance Audio7.25"(h) x 5.25"(w) x 0.75"(d), 0.2 lbs.9781593350673, PaperbackLarge Print741March 01, 2004Large Print Pr8.25"(h) x 5.25"(w) x 1.25"(d), 1.85 lbs.9781594130267, PaperbackReprintMarch 01, 2004Jove Pubns6.5"(h) x 4.25"(w) x 1"(d), 0.55 lbs.9780515137118