Owen Mulholland - Cycling's Golden Age: Heroes of the Postwar Era, 1946-1967, The Horton Collection

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Free Worldwide Delivery : Cycling's Golden Age : Hardback : VELOPRESS : 9781931382878 : 1931382875 : 01 Nov 2006 : Takes us inside the world's largest collection of cycling memorabilia with a look at one of the sport's most memorable eras, 1946-1967. From the commanding victories of Fausto Coppi to the rise of Jacques Anquetil, this work features photographs of cycling heroes like Fausto Coppi, Hugo Kobet, Charly Gaul and Jacques Anquetil.




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Owen Mulholland

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Hardcover222October 28, 2006Velopress10.5"(h) x 11.5"(w) x 1"(d), 3.1 lbs.9781931382878