Stephenie Meyer - New Moon

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The star-crossed lovers Bella Swan and Edward Cullen still find themselves as deeply in love as they were in the bestselling romance TWILIGHT, but dating a vampire still isn't easy. Now 18, Bella longs to be transformed into a vampire by Edward, but he continues to refuse. After a disastrous birthday celebration where Bella's blood proves to be too tempting to the Cullen family, the unraveling of their lives is in full force. This page-turning young-adult gothic delves with gusto--and engrossing action--into the themes of passion and pain.

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Stephenie Meyer

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Audio - Compact DiscUnabridgedSeptember 12, 2006Listening Library6"(h) x 5"(w) x 1.25"(d), 0.7 lbs.9780739337202, DigitalListening Library9780739337257, Hardcover - Prebinding563May 31, 2008Bt Bound8.5"(h) x 5.5"(w) x 2"(d), 1.4 lbs.9781417815425, Hardcover563September 06, 2006Little Brown & Co8.75"(h) x 6.5"(w) x 1.75"(d), 1.55 lbs.9780316160193, PaperbackLarge Print649January 01, 2009Large Print Pr8.5"(h) x 5.5"(w) x 1"(d), 1.6 lbs.9781594133305, Paperback563May 31, 2008Little Brown & Co8.25"(h) x 5.5"(w) x 1.5"(d), 1.2 lbs.9780316024969

Professional Reviews


Kirkus Reviews: "[T]his tale of tortured demon lovers entices.", New York Times Book Review: "When Edward leaves Bella, for reasons the reader can guess but Bella can't, Meyer perfectly conveys her depression with a series of pages that are blank except for the names of passing months...Fans will be almost as impatient for Edward's return, but tough and resourceful Bella is the star of this book."