Sherri Haab - The Shrinky Dinks Book

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Our unofficial research indicates that Shrinky Dinks are fondly remembered by eight out of ten certified adults, and a complete mystery to the remaining two. So listen up, you two: Shrinky Dink is a sheet of magic plastic on which you draw and color designs. Cut out your designs with ordinary scissors, bake them for mere minutes on a cookie sheet in your oven and, through the miracle of quantum plasto-physics, your creations shrink to 44% of their original size. It's a trusted design axiom that the smaller things are, the cuter they are. Even the clumsiest drawing comes out looking just adorable after shrinking. We suspect that's the key to Shrinky Dink's lasting appeal -given the minimal level of effort and skill required, the results always surpass expectations. (Is this the perfect Klutz craft or what?) The Shrinky Dinks Book comes with six ready-to-use Shrinky Dink pages, bound right into the book, along with all necessary Klutz-clear instructions for making jewelry charms, picture frames, key fobs, gif