Chicken Shoot 2  (Nintendo Game Boy Advance, 2005) Reviews
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Chicken Shoot 2 (Nintendo Game Boy Advance, 2005)

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Product Details

Chicken Shoot 2 continues the carnival-style shooting action with another flock of comical chickens serving as fodder. The game retains the same first-person perspective introduced in its predecessor, as prospective hunters gun for as many cluckers as possible before the mischievous flock fowls up an assortment of new locales. Players will stalk their prey from such exotic venues as the deserts of Egypt, tropical beaches, ski resorts, and more. Each animated chicken is worth a varying amount of points depending on its relative location, and the goal still involves racking up as high a score as possible before the game ends. <br><br>Both the arcade and classic modes return from the original game. The former involves advancing through a series of themed levels while trying to eliminate a specific number of chickens flying the coop, while the latter introduces a time limit. Since the chickens are aware of the player's intent, they make it as difficult as possible to target them, from hiding behind objects to creating elaborate distractions. Each background also features interactive elements such as mine carts, balloons, and other objects that can be shot for bonus points. Four-player competition via Game Link Cable is supported as well.

Tech Details

Game Special Features:

  • Shoot down those dirty lowdown chickens in "Adventure" and "Classic" modes

  • Challenge a friend for high score in "Multiplayer" mode

  • Use pistols, shotguns, UZIs, Lasers, flamethrowers, and more to obliterate the chickens

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    ESRB Descriptor:

    Cartoon Violence

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    Nintendo Game Boy Advance

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    Chicken Shoot 2



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