Earthquake Sound XTREME 600W.4 4-Channel Car Amp Reviews

Earthquake Sound XTREME 600W.4 4-Channel Car Amp

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Product Details

This Earthquake car amplifier is indestructible and versatile, and it is a good choice for indulging you with sonic clarity wherever you wish to go. This Earthquake car amplifier is able to produce plenty of volume, allowing you to listen to all your tunes, grooves, and rhythms with plenty of loudness. You can benefit from the ultra-low background noise while playing folk, pop, or classical as this car amplifier features an impressive 104 dB signal-to-noise ratio. The Earthquake XTREME 600W.4 is very easily installed, which means you are able to use it in your sedan, compact, or mid-size car without trouble. You can hear hearty bass tones and clean treble tones since this Earthquake car amplifier has an impressive frequency response. This car amplifier is bridgeable, allowing you to maximize the power output into a subwoofer. Also, the clear and crisp high-quality sound featured on the Earthquake XTREME 600W.4 allows you to savor your desired melodies and rhythms with sonic brilliance.