Fat City

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Lesser known than films by Scorsese and Coppola, John Huston's masterly FAT <br> CITY is a classic story of the American underdog, and deserves its place in <br> the canon of great 1970s films. Adapted from a Leonard Gardner novel, this <br> sorely overlooked work brilliantly and unflinchingly portrays the lives of a <br> group of born losers. <br> <br> Set in California, the story revolves around the lives of poor fighters. Stacy Keach is Tully, a down-on-his-luck alcoholic boxer living in a flophouse and earning money as a field worker while trying for a comeback. Jeff Bridges is Ernie, his 18-year-old protege who is setting himself up for the same hard-luck life. Tully tries to pass his wisdom on to Ernie, attempting to give the kid the chances that he missed. Meanwhile, Tully also becomes involved with Oma (Susan Tyrell), a raging alcoholic who does nothing but drag him further down. This film initially presents itself as <br> a Horatio Alger-like comeback or underdog story, but is actually a bleak,...