Lifegard Mechanical Module AF - 94 (R179410) Reviews

Lifegard Mechanical Module AF - 94 (R179410)

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The Pentair modular filtration system is one of the most versatile systems available. It allows the aquarist to customize or expand the filtration system as needed. Modules connect together easily as long as all modules used have the same size and type of inlets and outlets. When using modules with different types/sizes of inlets and outlets additional parts will be needed. The mechanical module uses a combination cartridge with replaceable 20 micron pleates. The center of the cartridge has a perforated core and may be filled with approximately 3 oz. of carbon. This option is available in the single size only. The pressure gauge on top of the module indicates when the cartridge needs cleaning. Requires a pump which will turn over the aquarium water 3-4 times per hour. Module has a 1 1/4 in. slip inlet and 1 in. slip outlet. Rated for 100 gallon aquariums.