Looney Tunes Collector: Alert!  (Nintendo Game Boy Color, 2000) Reviews
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Looney Tunes Collector: Alert! (Nintendo Game Boy Color, 2000)

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Marvin the Martian is at it again, desperately trying to destroy Earth. His faithful companion, K-9, is in deep trouble though. He cleaned the flying saucer to help his master and in doing so, accidentally threw out all of the instant Martians! Now Marvin cannot blow up the planet until he recovers the necessary lost items. K-9 really did it this time.... <br><br>Bugs Bunny, while on his way to a vacation spot in Pismo Beach, overhears Marvin yelling at K-9 about the plot. Bugs' vacation plans will have to be put on hold, as he must first save the world! You must help Bugs to find the Looney Tunes allies so he can use their abilities to help complete the first 12 missions, collect the ten parts of the teleporter, and send Marvin on his way back to Mars.<br><br>Looney Tunes Alert! offers two different modes of play: Adventure, which is a single-player mode where you attempt to find the Looney Tunes characters and save the planet, and a Two-Player mode, which allows you to play against a friend in one of three different games (unrelated to the Adventure mode's story). The Adventure mode has 12 different missions before you must defeat Marvin and put him back on his home planet.<br><br>The game is not over once you accomplish this, however. You'll have to find more Looney Tunes characters in order to unlock an additional eight missions! To discover these secrets, you have to trade characters with other players by playing real-time mini-games. Collect carrots to bring back your health, maps to find your way, gold coins for points, and ammunition for Elmer Fudd's gun. <br><br>There are more things to collect, including dynamite, a jar of bat wings, treasure chests, keys, radar, surprise packages (good or bad), and a bag of seeds. You must find all of these items to accomplish the objectives associated with defeating the levels. In the beginning, Bugs Bunny is your only playable character, but as you find other Looney Tunes members, you'll be able to switch between them at any time!