MB Quart Reference RAA4200 Car Amplifier

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Product Details

The Reference Series RAA4200 amplifier from MB Quart delivers the high-end performance and reliability you need for a serious audio system. Housed in a sleek, low-profile black chassis, this 4-channel powerhouse produces plenty of power to drive your subwoofers or speakers. Its convenient top-mounted controls make tweaking the output a snap, while removable end caps hide all of the wiring for a professional-looking installation. Use the built-in low- and high-pass filters to get the best sound out of your system. If you're using an outboard preamp or crossover, you can bypass the amp's built-in gain and crossover controls for a cleaner sound. You also get a set of preamp inputs and outputs for tapping into your other audio components flexibility that means this amp can be incorporated into just about any system. Separate LED indicators warn of distortion in either the front or rear channels.

Technical Features

MOSFET Circuitry:


3 Way Ready:


Key Features

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Multi Channels



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