McAfee PGP Personal Privacy 7.0 for PC, Mac

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Product Details

The latest version of PGP introduces a powerful new network encryption capability called PGPnet, which provides a transparent path for encrypting all network communications between a PC and other machines on the Internet. Users can now feel safe using applications that send sensitive data over the Internet, such as collaboration tools, Internet chat, video conferencing and multi-player games. PGPnet can encrypt all TCP/IP-based communications to and from a PC. Under the covers, it uses Virtual Private Networking standards called IPSEC and IKE, ensuring compatibility with almost all VPN devices on the Internet - including firewalls for secure remote access. PGP Personal Privacy includes "plug-in" modules for popular email applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook Express, and Qualcomm's Eudora. In addition, PGP users can now send strongly encrypted files to non-PGP users for the first time ever. A new Self-Decrypting Archive feature allows users to encryp...