Philips GoGear SA6185 Black ( 8 GB ) Digital Media Player Reviews

Philips GoGear SA6185 Black ( 8 GB ) Digital Media Player

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Product Details

The Philips GoGear SA6185 (8 GB) Digital Media Player is an easy to use portable video player that lets you have all the fun you want. Bigger than the iPod Classic, the GoGear SA6185 has simple navigation controls and menu buttons that many prefer over the iPod’s touchscreen. Jive to some great music with the glossy GoGear SA6185’s sharp and clear sound. The 8GB of flash memory of this portable video player lets you upload about 50 hours of video. You can also do some impromptu voice recording to capture the little one’s blabbering or friends bantering. Turn the GoGear SA6185 into a modern day radio with its FM player that can play with built-in speakers or with headphones.


Supported Power Supply:

Rechargeable via USB cable


FM radio

Battery Type:

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Storage Type:

Built-in Memory

Audio / Video Capabilities

Max Video Resolution:

320 x 240

Key Features

Audio Supported Formats:


Video Supported Formats:


Other Features