Sanyo EM-N107 600 Watts Microwave Oven

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Product Details

This moderately priced microwave oven is perfect for small households. At just 600 watts, it's powerful enough to quickly heat and cook small amounts. Its compact size (18-3/16 inches wide by 9-13/16 inches high by 13-13/16 inches deep) means it fits in a small kitchen, even under cabinets--as long as there's 3 inches of clearance between the oven's top and the cabinet's bottom. The control panel includes a clock and easy-to-use preprogrammed keys for potatoes, popcorn, soups and beverages, and frozen vegetables. A "more-or-less" key adjusts these preprogrammed times as desired, while another key adds 30 seconds to cooking times. Entering a food's weight and pushing an automatic-defrost key takes the guesswork out of defrosting. The turntable, 10-13/16 inches in diameter, returns to its starting position after cooking. A child lock prevents unauthorized use.