TRIPOD SPRINKLER 6 FOOT (Pacific International) (00775137006002) Reviews
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TRIPOD SPRINKLER 6 FOOT (Pacific International) (00775137006002)

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The Pacific Sprinkler 600 Tripod sprinkler is collapsible for storage and is excellent for watering trees and vegetable gardens. Adjustable clips on legs for uneven ground and a heart shaped sprinkler head shatters water droplets into a fine rain or mist improving the delivery of water to the root zone of your lawn and garden. Uses up to 1/3 less water than conventional sprinklers. Provides even coverage up to 1900 square feet. Sprinklers work on low pressure and provide a fine rain or mist, spray is very gentle. Will not clog so it is perfect for well systems. Just over 6' tall when fully extended.

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