Taiyo Yuden (DVD-R47ZZSB8) DVD-R Reviews
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Taiyo Yuden (DVD-R47ZZSB8) DVD-R

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TAIYO YUDEN 8X SHINY-SILVER DVD-R's 100-Pak! Product Description 4.7 GB (120 min) DVD-R's : Taiyo Yuden brand! ARCHIVAL-GRADE 8 X DVD-R Media. Manufacturer ID:TYG02. Product Code: DVD-R47ZZSB8 . JVC Product Code: JDMR-ZZ-SB. Clear, non-logo, shiny-silver surface. No stacking ring. Authentic Taiyo Yuden (made in Japan) DVD-R's.Taiyo Yuden has changed its name to JVC Advanced Media U.S.A.