Sims 2: Pets  (Sony PlayStation 2, 2006) Reviews
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Sims 2: Pets (Sony PlayStation 2, 2006)

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The Sims 2: Pets for consoles brings animal companions into Sims neighborhoods and households. Pet-friendly Sims can adopt birds, guinea pigs, or dogs and cats of one of several different breeds. Enterprising animal lovers can even design a custom pet, by choosing coloring, body size and type, and personality traits in the game's "Create-a-Family" mode. Plenty of pre-designed four-legged friends can be found with a call to the animal adoption agency, and even more are available for purchase at the local pet store.<br><br>Sim pets have needs similar to those of Sim people. Food and friendship are the most immediate, but pets also need toys for play and a place to go when nature calls. Just as in real life, it falls on Sim pet owners to keep their pets happy by feeding and watering them, playing with them, showing them affection, taking them to the park or pet store, and teaching them new tricks such as sit, stay, and fetch.<br><br>Animals also need to be disciplined from time to time, for actions such as chewing a favorite shoe or scratching up the couch, but firm training (and a toy the pet can chew or scratch without doing damage) will help keep valuables safe from kitty claws and puppy teeth. The console versions of Sims 2: Pets offer an abundance of role-playing-styled objectives, and allow players to collect hats, shirts, booties, and other garments and accessories to help them personalize their favorite animal companions. Sim characters can visit the expansive Town Center retail area to purchase toys and treats, and to unlock more animals and items by completing objectives.

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