Jeffery Deaver - The Stone Monkey: A Lincoln Rhyme Novel

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When a smuggler known as the Ghost scuttles a ship filled with undocumented Chinese immigrants right outside New York harbor, detective Lincoln Rhyme and his partner must stop him before he murders the two families who made it to shore.

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Jeffery Deaver

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Audio - Compact DiscUnabridgedMarch 01, 2002Chivers Sound Library7.25"(h) x 7.25"(w) x 1.5"(d), 1.1 lbs.9780792798712, PaperbackInternationalDecember 01, 2002Pocket Books7"(h) x 4.25"(w) x 1.25"(d), 1.25 lbs.9780743460545, Paperback560January 28, 2003Pocket Books6.75"(h) x 4.25"(w) x 1.25"(d), 0.6 lbs.9780743437806