Walt Disney World

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It is a magical place, full of animated storybook characters, majestic castles, thrilling rides, and colorful parades. For over thirty-five years, Walt Disney World has been welcoming and entertaining "kids" of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. The world-famous Orlando theme park is not only the most visited in the world, it's also the most technologically advanced. From a network of underground tunnels connecting various regions of the park, to the space-age propulsion technology of linear synchronous motors, the Disney dynasty has been on the leading edge of theme park innovation since the opening of Disneyland, its first park, in 1955. With soaring castles, sleek monorails, and lifelike animatronics, "The History Channel" takes a behind-the-scenes look at the ingenious industry and incredibly engineering feats that went into building the renowned 27,000-acre Walt Disney World complex. Interactive Menus, Scene Selection.