Precision Camera Water Wiggler with Sound Each ALLIEDPR6WW (022102611007) Reviews
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Precision Camera Water Wiggler with Sound Each ALLIEDPR6WW (022102611007)

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Water Wiggler attracts birds - not mosquitoes! Moving water attracts birds! Place the Water Wiggler in your existing birdbath to create a unique ripple effect. It will work and attract birds all year. The unique agitator action creates continuous ripples in the water, preventing mosquitoes from laying eggs, eliminating stagnant water, and helping prevent the spread of West Nile Virus. The Water Wiggler operates silently on two D cell batteries for up to two months of continual use and can be used with heated birdbaths, too! No wiring or plumbing is required, so you can just place it in your birdbath an go! This model has a natural "rippling brook" sound with volume control to create a tranquil effect in your yard.

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