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1995 Ford Contour

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 3.0

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Proportion is the key element in any successful design, and its one of the Contours strengths. Like the Accord, the relationship of the Contours wheelbase to its overall length is very tidy - theres not much bodywork extending beyond the front and rear wheels. The same applies to the relationship between the Contours height and its width, which conspire to give it a low, aggressive appearance. In addition to a modern, purposeful appearance, these relationships also lend themselves to good handling traits. The wheelbase-to-length ratio keeps more of the cars mass centered between the axles, and the height-to-width match-up helps to keep the center of gravity relatively low. The styling itself is conservative, but the front-end treatment does lend a rakish touch, reminiscent of the Ford Probe. This exceptionally rigid unibody design bolsters handling and occupant protection in crashes. The roof pillar system, in particular, is extra sturdy, and the side-impact protection system meets 97 federal standards. Dual

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