Pentax 67 II Medium Format SLR Film Camera Reviews

Pentax 67 II Medium Format SLR Film Camera

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The Pentax 67 II film camera combines the medium-format 6X7 efficiency and perfection with some really impressive additional features. The Pentax 67 II has a shutter speed of 30-1/1000 sec and a max flash sync speed of 1/30sec that lets you shoot sharp and clear pictures. The view finder of this film camera can be magnified up to 0.75X which is really good for outdoor photography. The grip of this SLR camera is excellent which a must for shooting good pictures. The Pentax 67 II offers a large LCD panel and easy-to-use multiple exposure function, through which you can get desired number of exposures on a single frame. This SLR camera offers great performance with great adjustable positioning system.