MagForce Racing  (Dreamcast, 2000) Reviews

MagForce Racing (Dreamcast, 2000)

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The future is the setting for this Dreamcast racer, MagForce Racing. Controlling vehicles known as Tripods, players must compete in a sport that attempts to defy, or at least bend, the conventional laws of gravity on tracks filled with loops, drops, corkscrews, and more. As the need arises, players will need to engage the craft's magnets, lest it lose traction and fall to an untimely end. Using the magnets will deplete their charge, however, forcing players to seek out the yellow orbs strewn about the track in order to recharge them. The Championship mode provides the bulk of the play experience, with three other modes -- Time Trial, Multiplayer classic, and Multiplayer Arcade -- fleshing out the choices.<br><br>The Championship comprises a collection of four classes, each of which is in turn composed of ten tracks in locations from Hawaii and Osaka to Mars and beyond. In their quest to become the best racer in the league, competitors are tasked with placing first in each of the races. Doing so will unlock a new class in addition to a more powerful Tripod racer. Weapon power-ups -- offering a standard array of missiles, mines and lasers -- are littered about each track and provide racers with offensive capabilities. In turn, collecting the same power-up multiple times will increase its damage potential, offering heat-seeking capabilities or multiple payloads. Regardless of the weapon, attaining the correct number of similar power-ups will imbue your craft with the Turbo Ram, the ultimate in-game weapon.<br><br>Multiplayer classic, as it so succinctly conveys, is a traditional split-screen race that all but mimics the single-player event. Multiplayer Arcade, however, mixes things up by randomly altering the state of weapon pick-ups, causing them to vary in power and number. Players may find themselves with a fully powered-up missile after having only acquired a single power-up, for example.

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