Crystalis (Nintendo Game Boy Color, 2000)

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A great war once raged across the world. The civilization we grew to love crumbled around us as people became greedier and wanted more. Soon afterward a new era would start, one free of science and technology. The old ways were embraced and peace settled over the world for generations. That was until a crazed wizard named Dragonia sought the forbidden ways.<br><br>His greed for power led him to unearth the old tomes of knowledge. He sought to harness science and magic, knowing the two combined would make him a god. The madness that ruined us was soon unleashed again.<br><br>That is when four brave and powerful wizards, Zebu, Asina, Tornel and Kensu stepped forth. Each had a sword of great power formed from one of the basic elements: thunder, wind, water and fire. They soon realized that if they were able to combine these four swords, they would create the most powerful weapon of any age, the Crystalis.<br><br>Learning of their plan, Dragonia defeated them one by one and took their swords. But the power of the swords would prove to be too strong to be destroyed, so he cast them to the four corners of the world. He then stripped the wizards of most of their powers and sent them away. They were no longer a threat.<br><br>As the wizards traveled home, they came upon a stranger. He called himself Talamic the Elder. He said he was the only witness left who had seen the Great War and told them the prophecy of the Sleeping Ones. Shortly before the fall of the world, two powerful magicians had been put into stasis deep within the caves of the Cordell Plains. They would only arise if technology once again threatened the world. <br><br>Filled with hope, the wizards went to the caves. They started the waking ceremony and soon it would all begin. Soon the sleeper would be awakened.<br><br>In Crystalis by Nintendo, you are the sleeper. However, you are not the only one. So not only must you find the four swords, you must also save the other sleeper. Then you must destroy Dragonia and set the world right.<br><br>In your travels, you will discover towns and villages with many people living inside. Be sure to ask questions of all you see. Not everyone is as he or she appears, so be sure to help when you can. Some may provide you with more answers, other with items to assist you on your quest.<br><br>You will need to collect money, weapons, and items in order to be able to reach your full potential. Speaking of which, each sword has two power levels. In order to use them, you must collect the four corresponding orbs. Once you have them all, you will be able to once again unite them into the mighty Crystalis.<br><br>Be sure to search every crevice, every cave and every room. The world is full of hidden surprises, but are you strong enough to defeat Dragonia? The fate of another sleeper and the very world rests in your hands. Hopefully within those hands will rest the Crystalis.