Evel Knievel (Nintendo Game Boy Color, 1999)

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Anyone who remembers Evel Knievel and his daring motorcycle jumps during the 1970s will take an interest in Rockstar's Evel Knievel for the Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Color.<br><br>You are Evel himself. Take on the 20 tracks spread across four locations (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, and San Francisco) and if you complete them all you'll be able to recreate his famous jump across the Snake River Canyon. If you're a little nervous about what lies ahead, you can always spend some time on the Practice Level to pick up some confidence first.<br><br>Once you've done that you have the option to play with the password option enabled and five lives at your disposal or be a daredevil and take ten lives without the ability to continue later with a password. Before you start, you can customize each of the five different areas of your motorcycle: speed, acceleration, braking, rotation, and the ability to pop a wheelie.<br><br>As you race through each level you can pick up extra fuel, prize money to exchange for more points, more health to counteract the effects of all your spills, and bonus lives. If you lose a life you restart where you lost it. Each time you complete a level you get a password which enables you to pick up later where you left off.<br><br>This game is for one player only.