Powerpuff Girls: Battle Him  (Nintendo Game Boy Color, 2001) Reviews
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Powerpuff Girls: Battle Him (Nintendo Game Boy Color, 2001)

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One of three Game Boy Color games based on the popular Cartoon Network series, Battle Him stars Bubbles, the kind and gentle blonde member of the elementary school-aged crime-fighting trio. Bubbles must fly, punch, and shoot her way through a series of levels to defeat the devilishly evil HIM. The villain captured all the citizens of Townsville, and the lone Powerpuff Girl is determined to rescue them. <br><br>As she tracks down the nefarious HIM, Bubbles will find power-ups to fuel her flying ability and special attacks. The youngster can emit a limited number of Sonic Screams, which are replenished by bottles of Black Chemical X. This attack temporarily stuns enemies as she closes in for hand-to-hand combat. Bubbles can also call upon the powers of the other Powerpuff Girls after finding the appropriate color-coded hotlines. <br><br>A number of collectible items are also available on each level, including sugars and spices to add extra continues, keys to open doors, candy hearts to increase life, and trading cards that can be saved, viewed, and exchanged. Each of the three titles contains 12 original cards, which can be traded using the Game Link accessory. Battery-backed memory automatically saves progress after each completed goal.

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