Bust-A-Move 2 Arcade Edition  (Nintendo 64, 1998) Reviews
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Bust-A-Move 2 Arcade Edition (Nintendo 64, 1998)

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As demonstrated by games like TETRIS and PONG, people love games that appear simple on the surface but which soon become all encompassing. At first look, BUST-A-MOVE 2: Arcade Edition resembles nothing so much as a preschooler's game. The goal is to shoot different color bubbles up at a descending ceiling of bubbles; connect three of the same color and they vanish with a "pop." Things become more interesting when you have to select from three game modes. Pick between a Puzzle Game, where it's just you against the oncoming bubbles in a variety of clever patterns; Single-Player vs. Computer Player, where things get interesting because every time one of the increasingly odd cartoon opponents connects three or more bubbles, they pop and then appear on your screen; or Single-Player vs. Human Player, which is fun because while the computer plays with more precision, humans can be sneaky snakes who will send you over a batch of bubbles at the worst possible time.