Twisted Edge Snowboarding AA for Nintendo 64

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Rather than go noggin-to-noggin with Nintendo's own 1080° Snowboarding in spring '98, Boss and Midway decided to push back Twisted Edge's release date to the onset of the winter sports season. The summer months were spent tweaking an already good-looking game, resulting in a racer that's as sleek and smooth as polished ice. Twisted Edge's single-player Competition mode offers five difficulty levels: Novice Intermediate, Expert, Master and Twisted. Gaining the most points in the three-race Novice circuit will move you up to Intermediate, where two new -- and better -- rivals will race you down four extended tracks. Shortcuts and branching paths add to the variety. Typical of snowboarding games, Twisted Edge offers both high-speed racing and spectacular stunts. Your basic moves include 20 grabs, a half-dozen flips and spins as long as you can make 'em. As in a tournament fighter, if you're quick on the Controller you can rack up some pretty impressive combos.