Nightmare on Elm Street

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A hellish, razor-fingered monster enters the dreams of the teenage residents of a bucolic town and systematically slaughters them in their sleep--until one courageous young woman does battle with the predatory fiend. An excellent, surprisingly surrealistic genre entry from the master, Wes Craven.

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VHS: Widescreen Collector's Edition2hr 2minAnchor Bay EntertainmentR (MPAA)013131000436Sound Features: HiFi, Digital, Stereo, VHS: Widescreen Version1hr 32minWarner Home VideoAugust 22, 2000R (MPAA)794043478239Sound Features: Surround, Stereo, VHS1hr 32minCondor VideoR (MPAA)086112068237, VHS1hr 32minStar Maker VideoMarch 10, 1990R (MPAA)086112037936, VHS1hr 32minWarner Home VideoAugust 26, 1997R (MPAA)794043457135Sound Features: HiFi, VHS1hr 32minWarner Home VideoSeptember 07, 1999R (MPAA)794043477737Sound Features: Surround, Stereo

Professional Reviews


(04/01/2004, p.62, Premiere Staff): "Freddy became a mythic figure.", (10/01/2006, p.108, Grant Kempster): 5 stars out of 5 -- "[T]his is one of the few truly nightmarish horror movies ever made.", (10/27/2006, p.58, Entertainment Weekly Staff): "[S]ome of the effects remain nicely repulsive; Freddy himself comes across as a genuinely nasty piece of work..." -- Grade: B-, (11/07/1984, Lor.): "...A highly imaginative horror film that provides the requisite shocks to keep fans of the genre happy....Wes Craven tantalizingly merges dreams with the ensuing wakeup reality..."

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