Wrong Man

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A bleak and powerful drama, THE WRONG MAN tells the story of an innocent man accused of a crime committed by a close look-alike. Based on an actual incident reported in Life magazine, the film is the only documentary-style film Alfred Hitchcock made. THE WRONG MAN presented audiences with a radical change of style after Hitchcock's more lighthearted and conventional productions, such as THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH and TO CATCH A THIEF. The story begins as Manny Balestrero (Henry Fonda) and his wife, Rose (Vera Miles), decide to borrow on her life insurance policy to pay medical bills. But at the insurance office, three employees mistake Manny for a man who robbed them just days earlier. That night, he's arrested and charged with a series of hold-ups, setting in motion an innocent man's desperate attempt to prove his innocence. Fonda gives a strong performance, while Miles powerfully conveys the psychological cost to the accused man's wife. The film features an exceptional musical score by Bernard Hermann.



Angus MacPhail

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VHS: Hitchcock1hr 45minWarner Home VideoAugust 29, 2000Not Rated085391745334Sound Features: Stereo, VHS1hr 45minWarner Home VideoMarch 27, 1991Not Rated085391115533Sound Features: Digital, VHS2hr 6minFacets Video

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(09/17/2004, p.13E, Mike Clark): "[B]oth leads are superb, and Miles' emotional disintegration is unforgettable."