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A hired killer accidentally blinds a beautiful nightclub singer during what was supposed to be his last murder. When he falls in love with her and accepts another contract in order to finance her cornea surgery, the stage is set for a long and bloody confrontation. A boisterous bullet opera from Woo, tempered as usual with his fascination with the notion of the honorable killer and with the doubling of similar men whom circumstances have placed on opposite sides of the law. Very heavy on the Catholic imagery and redemption motifs.

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VHS: Dubbed Version1hr 51minMovies UnlimitedR (MPAA), VHS: English Dubbed; Unrated1hr 50minWellspringJanuary 26, 1994Unrated720917011134, VHS: English Subtitled; Letterboxed; Unrated1hr 50minWellspringAugust 26, 1997Unrated720917013145, VHS: English Subtitled; Unrated1hr 50minWellspringOctober 03, 2000Unrated720917011141, VHS: Rated R; Dubbed in English1hr 44minWellspringOctober 03, 2000R (MPAA)720917011158, VHS: Rated R; English Subtitles1hr 44minWellspringOctober 03, 2000R (MPAA)720917011165, VHS1hr 42minFacets VideoNot Rated, VHS1hr 44minBuena Vista Home EntertainmentSeptember 03, 2002Not Rated786936191851, VHS1hr 50minFestival FilmsNot Rated, VHS1hr 50minWellspringR (MPAA)720917010656, VHS1hr 51minMovies UnlimitedR (MPAA)

Professional Reviews


(03/01/1991, p.F6, Kevin Thomas): "...An example of the highly addictive, supercharged, go-for-broke Hong Kong cinema at its most deliberately outrageous...", (04/12/1991, p.C11, Stephen Holden): "...Balletic splatter and camp sentimentality have rarely if ever been stretched to [these] extremes....Outrageous...", (07/12/1990, p.42, Peter Travers): "...Dizzying thrills...", (10/08/1993, p.3D, Mike Clark): "Cult action director John Woo's U.S. rep was established when this bullet-ridden Hong Kong import rode a healthy art house run onto some year-end 'best' lists...", (11/01/1989, p.70-2, David Chute): "...Woo pushes the already gonzo conventions of Hong Kong action-melodrama into the stratosphere....It's a hellzapoppin' gunfight festival...", (12/01/2003, p.14, Premiere Staff): "[T]he scenes of balletic gunplay are often genuinely beautiful -- even spiritual -- as well as disturbing..."