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In a remote Alaskan town called Nightmute, the murder of a teenage girl has shocked the tight-knit community. The Los Angeles Police Department sends two of its cops--both under investigation by Internal Affairs--to try to solve the crime in Christopher Nolan's film based on Erik Skjoldbjfrg's 1997 Norwegian film starring Stellan Skarsgerd. The experienced, weathered Will Dormer (Al Pacino) has nothing in life except for the force. His younger partner, Hap (Martin Donovan), has a family to support and is willing to turn state's evidence to protect them. Local cop Ellie Burr is excited to work with her hero, Dormer--until she starts uncovering some questionable situations. It isn't long before Dormer finds the murderer--writer Walter Finch, played with subtle nuances by Robin Williams--but Finch knows a secret that could bring Dormer down. Director Nolan, who stunned audiences with 2001's inventive MEMENTO, here crafts an atmospheric psychological thriller that is bathed in whites and grays. The acting is...



Hillary Seitz

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VHS: Spanish Subtitles1hr 58minWarner Home VideoOctober 15, 2002R (MPAA)012569691735Sound Features: HiFi, Surround, Digital, Stereo, VHS1hr 58minWarner Home VideoOctober 15, 2002R (MPAA)085392282838Sound Features: HiFi, Surround, Digital, Stereo

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(05/13/2002, p.23-6, Todd McCarthy): "...INSOMNIA is a gripping, highly dramatic thriller that more than confirms the distinctive talent of young Brit helmer Christopher Nolan...", (05/24/2002, p.C1, Kenneth Turan): "...Nolan once again displays an unmistakable visual confidence and a feeling for bravura moments...", (05/24/2002, p.E1, Elvis Mitchell): "...Intensely sharp-witted....The anomalous proliferation of scenic beauty gives Mr. Nolan irony to play with, and he uses it spectacularly...", (06/01/2002, p.36-8, Stephen Farber): "...[INSOMNIA] has a marvelous sense of place....Al Pacino bares the soul of this agonized tragic figure; it's one of his most memorable performances...", (06/06/2002, p.84, Peter Travers): "...Thoughtful, gripping and steeped in action....It's taut, tense and terrific...", (07/01/2002, p.86-7, Annlee Ellingson): "...A superior version of an already very good film....[With] spectacular overhead cinematography...", (09/01/2002, p.63-4, John Wrathall): "...Nolan her proves his assurance in handling a much bigger picture in every respect...", (10/01/2002, p.126, Dan Jolin): "...Highly involving....[Nolan's] expanding talent is undeniable..."